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Good News in the WorldUKUK's roadsides bloom with colorful flowers thanks to grass-growing campaign

UK’s roadsides bloom with colorful flowers thanks to grass-growing campaign

The UK’s roadsides are undergoing a vibrant transformation, with colorful flowers adorning once mundane verges.

This shift, spearheaded by charity Plantlife since 2013, urges councils to delay and reduce verge mowing. The result? Spectacular mini-meadows bursting with wildflowers.

There are red poppies in Hull, blue cornflowers in Camberley, and golden buttercups in Tickhill.

These initiatives not only beautify but also support biodiversity, crucial for dwindling wildlife like bees and butterflies.

Over 61,000 have backed Plantlife’s ‘good verge guidelines,’ pushing councils to adopt greener practices.

Dr. Trevor Dines emphasizes how these roadside …

Source video: Travel-UK on YouTube

Source image: KIMDAEJEUNG / Pixabay

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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