Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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FBI unveils Tesla’s astonishing secret files: Death ray, more

The FBI has finally released its long-held documents on Nikola Tesla, revealing details about his inventions like the death ray and ball lightning.

Tesla, known for his forward-thinking ideas, even predicted video calling in 1922.

He envisioned technology that would allow people to see and hear each other through electricity, much like today’s smartphones.

After Tesla’s death on January 7, 1943, the FBI quickly seized his notes to prevent them from falling into enemy hands during World War II.

Tesla’s groundbreaking experiments have inspired modern inventors like Jim Murray, who developed the Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply (SERPS).

The documents also reveal that the FBI considered arresting a disliked family member to stop them from claiming Tesla’s work.

This device can magnify power nearly 50 times and …

Source video: Al Jazeera English on YouTube

Source image: dlsdkcgl / Pixabay

Source: ecosnippets.com

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