Monday, July 22, 2024
GlobalOtherRevival triumph: Tanzania's rhino & elephant populations soar after poacher crackdown

Revival triumph: Tanzania’s rhino & elephant populations soar after poacher crackdown

Tanzania’s conservation efforts have yielded remarkable results, with the black rhino population soaring from a mere 15 to a heartening 167 in just four years.

Similarly, elephant numbers have rebounded impressively, rising to over 60,000 from a low of 43,330.

These recoveries are attributed to President John Magufuli’s strong stance against poaching, marked by a decisive military crackdown and stringent penalties.

Notably, Chinese nationals involved in poaching have faced substantial jail terms, signaling a significant deterrent.

Wildlife experts underscore that this resurgence isn’t solely due to …

Source video: SABC News on YouTube

Source image: Nel_Botha-NZ / Pixabay


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