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GlobalOtherUzbekistan’s solution to a lack of rural preschools: Kindergartens on wheels

Uzbekistan’s solution to a lack of rural preschools: Kindergartens on wheels

Every morning in the remote mountains of Uzbekistan, preschool children climb into bright yellow school buses kitted out with playdough, books, toys and fully trained teachers. They’ll spend the next few hours painting, playing, making and singing. It will be their first taste of something crucial to nurturing their future potential: an early years education.

Five years ago, just one in four children in the country went to preschool, and in remote areas, just one in ten. The government came up with a novel solution: a feet of specially designed school buses that would take education to children aged between three and seven in the most remote regions.

Since they launched in 2017, preschool …

Source video: euronews on YouTube

Source image: Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan / Positive.News

Source: Positive.News

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