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Good News in the WorldAncient wonders unearthed: Neolithic monument revealed on Scotland's Isle of Arran

Ancient wonders unearthed: Neolithic monument revealed on Scotland’s Isle of Arran

In a thrilling discovery off the picturesque coast of Scotland, archaeologists, in collaboration with local volunteers, have unearthed an astonishing Neolithic monument on the enchanting Isle of Arran. This monumental find, known as a cursus, is a colossal rectangular enclosure believed to have hosted ancient ceremonies and gatherings dating back to 4,000-3,000 BCE.

Stretching over half a mile in length, this Arran cursus showcases the rich heritage of Scotland’s early farmers, built with primitive tools and an unwavering commitment to religious or political beliefs. As experts speculate on its role within a broader ceremonial and farming landscape, the Neolithic mysteries of Arran continue to unfold, shedding light on our ancient past.

Source video: B.C. Begley on YouTube

Source image: 12019 / pixabay


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