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Good News in the WorldBelgium's hair recycling revolution: Transforming clippings into environmental heroes

Belgium’s hair recycling revolution: Transforming clippings into environmental heroes

In a remarkable stride towards environmental sustainability, Belgian NGO Dung Dung is leading the charge with their Hair Recycle Project. This innovative initiative harnesses the power of human hair clippings to combat environmental pollutants in waterways. Collected from hairdressers nationwide, these clippings are transformed into mats capable of absorbing oil and hydrocarbons, thus preventing pollution from reaching rivers.

Moreover, they prove invaluable in addressing flooding-induced pollution and cleaning up oil spills. The potential is astounding, as just one kilogram of hair can absorb seven to eight liters of pollutants. Beyond this, shorter clippings can serve as garden fertilizer or even as building materials, opening up a world of possibilities. It’s an inspiring example of how small changes can have a big impact, uniting communities and nature for a cleaner, brighter future.

Source video: WION on YouTube

Source image: kaleido-dp / pixabay


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