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Good News in the WorldClose encounter: Tiny asteroid safely zips past Earth, inspiring vigilance

Close encounter: Tiny asteroid safely zips past Earth, inspiring vigilance

In a remarkable celestial encounter, a newfound asteroid, measuring just 6.5 feet wide (2 meters), recently whizzed by Earth, coming within a mere 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) of our planet. Dubbed C9FMVU2, this space rock was detected only hours before its closest approach on September 7th.

Fortunately, its diminutive size ensured no threat to Earth, as it would have harmlessly disintegrated in our atmosphere, potentially creating a mesmerizing fireball. This event, while awe-inspiring, also highlighted the crucial work being done by astronomers to track and study near-Earth asteroids, ensuring our readiness to avert any future potential hazards with advanced space missions.

Source video: CBS 8 San Diego on YouTube

Source image: Frantisek_Krejci / pixabay

Source: space.com

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