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Good News in the WorldGlobalGuerrilla rewilding: Optimistic acts defying bureaucracy to restore Britain's lost biodiversity

Guerrilla rewilding: Optimistic acts defying bureaucracy to restore Britain’s lost biodiversity

In the heart of the West Country, Derek Gow’s former farm is transforming into a biodiversity haven, exemplifying the rewilding movement. Passionate about restoring lost species, Gow has successfully reintroduced water voles, white storks, and Eurasian beavers. Now, his focus is on wildcats, aiming to bring them back to Devon after a century.

Despite government disinterest, a surge of guerrilla rewilders, like Simon, is taking matters into their own hands, clandestinely releasing rare species. While controversial, their actions reflect a growing frustration with bureaucratic obstacles hindering conservation efforts.

Source video: Terra Mater on YouTube

Source image: sharkolot / pixabay


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