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Good News in the WorldLego's groundbreaking braille brick set: empowering inclusivity and learning

Lego’s groundbreaking braille brick set: empowering inclusivity and learning

Lego is taking a pioneering step towards inclusivity by launching the “Lego Braille Bricks — Play with Braille” set, designed to empower individuals with vision disabilities to learn to read. This innovative set comprises 287 bricks, featuring printed letters or numbers alongside raised Braille characters. Geared towards children aged 6 and up, it fosters Braille literacy in a fun, family-oriented manner.

Collaborating with blind organizations globally, Lego initially provided these specialized bricks to schools at no cost. Due to overwhelming demand, they are now making them commercially available, furthering their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. The set is set to launch in English and French, with additional languages following soon, starting at $89.99 on September 1st.

Source video: LEGO on YouTube

Source image: simonprodl / pixabay


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