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GlobalEgyptResurrection of lost Egyptian tomb reveals ancient official's secrets

Resurrection of lost Egyptian tomb reveals ancient official’s secrets

In a remarkable archaeological triumph, Czech researchers have joyfully unveiled the rediscovery of the long-lost tomb of Ptahshepses, an esteemed ancient Egyptian official from the 24th and 25th centuries BCE. This historic find, between the Abusir and Saqqara pyramid fields, was initially exposed by French archaeologist Auguste Mariette over a century ago but was lost to the sands of time. Through years of meticulous searching, satellite imagery, and old maps, the tomb was resurrected in 2022. The tomb, which connects Ptahshepses to a fascinating era in Egyptian history, still holds secrets waiting to be unveiled.

Source video: Inside Edition on YouTube

Source image: Mouad Mabrouk / pexels


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