Saturday, May 25, 2024
Good News in the WorldScientists unearth astonishing CO2-eating microbe in volcanic hot springs

Scientists unearth astonishing CO2-eating microbe in volcanic hot springs

A game-changing discovery has scientists buzzing with excitement as they stumbled upon a microbe thriving in volcanic hot springs that devours carbon dioxide at an astonishing rate. This finding could pave the way for an efficient method of absorbing the climate-heating gas.

The newly identified cyanobacterium, found near Italy’s Vulcano Island, surpasses all known counterparts in its ability to convert CO2 into biomass. Scientists are now eager to harness the potential of these naturally evolved microbes to combat the climate crisis and limit future damage. With further research, these tiny organisms could play a pivotal role in our battle against carbon emissions.

Source video: Aha – I’ve Got it on YouTube

Source image: wikimedia


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