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GlobalOtherArchaeological marvel: Circular Maya temple unearthed in southern Mexico's El Tigre site

Archaeological marvel: Circular Maya temple unearthed in southern Mexico’s El Tigre site

An exciting discovery in southern Mexico! Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History have unearthed a circular structure at the El Tigre Maya site, potentially supporting a temple dedicated to the serpent deity Kukulcán.

This finding aligns with the belief that El Tigre may be the ancient settlement of Itzamkanac, described in sixteenth-century documents. The structure’s presence enriches our understanding of El Tigre’s late occupation, linking it to the early Postclassic period. Similar circular marvels have graced other Maya sites, shedding light on a fascinating era of Mesoamerican connections.

Source video: Global News on YouTube

Source image: DEZALB / pixabay


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