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GlobalOtherUnveiling the Skywalker gibbon: Mythical beings roaming Myanmar's forests amid political turmoil

Unveiling the Skywalker gibbon: Mythical beings roaming Myanmar’s forests amid political turmoil

In the depths of Myanmar’s political chaos lies a discovery reshaping conservation narratives. Meet the elusive ‘Skywalker’ gibbon, once on the brink of extinction, now thriving in remote regions.

Against a backdrop of civil unrest, a daring coalition of scientists embarks on a quest, unearthing not just populations but cultural insights intertwined with these arboreal wonders. Armed with genetic revelations and community dialogues, they challenge preconceptions, shedding light on dwindling habitats and local perceptions.

Join the expedition into the heart of Myanmar’s wilderness, where ancient lore meets modern conservation, igniting hope for the Skywalker gibbons and their forest realm.

Source video: ZSL – Zoological Society of London on YouTube

Source image: Obo Teng / pexels


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