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Good News in the World8,200-year-old water channel reveals ancient ingenuity in recent excavation

8,200-year-old water channel reveals ancient ingenuity in recent excavation

In a remarkable archaeological find, researchers in İzmir, Turkey have unearthed an 8,200-year-old water channel, shedding light on the ingenious ways of ancient civilizations. This ancient engineering marvel, located at Yeşilova Mound, showcases early urban planning as the first inhabitants manually directed water to their homes.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer Derin, leading the excavation, emphasized the importance of zoning in this settlement, where a 6.5-meter-wide stone-paved water canal ran through the middle, ensuring flood protection. This remarkable discovery underscores the resourcefulness of our ancestors, showcasing their ability to harness nature for a more comfortable life. Excavations continue, revealing fascinating insights into our past.

Source video: Quantend on YouTube

Source image: anncapictures / pixabay


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