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Good News in the WorldA newly described anemone lives on the back of a hermit crab

A newly described anemone lives on the back of a hermit crab

In deep waters off the coast of Japan, a hermit crab is wearing haute couture. On its shell is the new-to-science anemone species Stylobates calcifer, named after the fire demon Calcifer from the novel and Studio Ghibli film Howl’s Moving Castle.

A research team led by Akihiro Yoshikawa, a professor from the University of Tokyo, collected the anemone-hermit crab duo from the sea floor at a depth of 100 to 400 meters (330 to1,300 feet) in the sea of Kumano and Suruga Bay on the Pacific side of Japan. Researchers have published descriptions of the new anemone species in The Biological Bulletin.

The newly described …

Source video: Mongabay on Youtube

Source image: Akihiro Yoshikawa /


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