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Good News in the WorldCanadaCanadian researchers' wood pulp gel revolutionizes heart healing and cancer therapy

Canadian researchers’ wood pulp gel revolutionizes heart healing and cancer therapy

Researchers at the University of Toronto and Duke University have made significant progress in biomedical technology, developing a gel derived from wood pulp with transformative potential in healthcare.

Led by Professor Elisabeth Prince, their interdisciplinary team has crafted hydrogels that mimic human tissue, harnessing the unique properties of cellulose nanocrystals. These synthetic biomimetic hydrogels feature a nanostructured design ideal for optimizing nutrient flow and waste removal.

Notably, the gel’s applications range from refining cancer treatments through mini tumor organoid testing to regenerating heart tissue post-heart attacks.

Professor Prince envisions injectable hydrogels aiding drug delivery and tissue repair, while ongoing work with conductive nanoparticles promises exciting advancements in treating cardiac and muscular injuries. This innovative gel heralds a promising era of personalized medicine and regenerative therapies.

Source video: CBS Miami on YouTube

Source image: geralt / pixabay


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