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Good News in the WorldDiscovering the enchanting Electric Blue Tarantula: A rare marvel in Thailand's Mangroves

Discovering the enchanting Electric Blue Tarantula: A rare marvel in Thailand’s Mangroves

In a recent, enchanting discovery, researchers in Thailand have unveiled the captivating Chilobrachys natanicharum, an electric blue tarantula like no other. This unique arachnid, described in the journal ZooKeys, boasts a dazzling blue-violet iridescence on its back, legs, and mouthparts. Notably, it’s the sole tarantula ever identified in a Thai mangrove forest. The remarkable creature can thrive in both tree hollows and terrestrial burrows, even in evergreen forests. While it faces threats from habitat destruction and hunting, the attention it’s garnered might be the first step toward its preservation.

Source video: Tarantula Collective on YouTube

Source image: Danny_de_Bruyne / pixabay


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