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Good News in the WorldSeaweed: the rising star with the power to heal our planet

Seaweed: the rising star with the power to heal our planet

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible potential of seaweed! From its humble origins as a Japanese delicacy, it has emerged as a game-changer in rewilding the seas, feeding livestock, manufacturing eco-friendly plastics, and combating climate change.

Seaweed farming is on the rise, driven by its remarkable sustainability: it grows at an astonishing rate without the need for land, freshwater, or harmful chemicals. This wonder plant is not only a nutritional powerhouse for humans but also a protein-rich alternative for animals. With its ability to curb antibiotic use and reduce methane emissions, seaweed may just hold the key to a greener, healthier future.

Source video: CNBC on YouTube

Source image: Ronile/ pixabay

Source: positive.news

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