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Good News in the WorldEmpowering prosthetic transforms student's life: Realism and confidence combined

Empowering prosthetic transforms student’s life: Realism and confidence combined

Zahra Tabibniya, a resilient student born without a left arm, now embraces a newfound sense of confidence with her $850 silicone prosthetic. This remarkable limb is more than just functional—it boasts realistic features like painted veins, freckles, moles, and even acrylic nails, matching her summer tan.

Zahra’s prosthetic has given her the freedom to tie her laces, style her hair, and carry her luggage independently. She’s thrilled to educate people about her disability, advocating for openness and understanding. With her inspiring journey, Zahra proves that a prosthetic can be a beautiful part of one’s identity.

Source video: Arm Dynamics on YouTube

Source image: Fidan Nazim qizi / pixabay


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