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Good News in the WorldA whimsical wonderland: Madrid's Reggio school, designed by its own pupils

A whimsical wonderland: Madrid’s Reggio school, designed by its own pupils

Madrid’s Reggio School is a whimsical wonderland designed by its own pupils, defying conventions and sparking imagination. With classrooms nestled amidst an indoor rainforest, walls adorned with googly-eyed porthole windows, and roofs that zigzag and soar, this mind-bending creation is a testament to youthful creativity.

Spanish architect Andrés Jaque brought their dreams to life, seamlessly integrating nature into the school’s construction. Insulated with cork, the exterior walls invite wildlife to thrive, while the Reggio-Emilia method embraces children as active contributors to their curriculum. By prioritizing hands-on experience and a connection with nature, the school cultivates a vibrant and exploratory learning environment.

Source video: The World Around on YouTube

Source image: JOHNY REBEL, the Explorer Panda / pexels

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