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Startup develops manual solar tracker for residential PV systems, offers 12% higher energy yield

Luciole & Basilic, a French startup, has announced the development of a new manual solar tracking system for residential PV installations. The adjustable system, called Zenitrack, offers an optimal angle of inclination for solar panels facing the zenith throughout the year. PV system owners can slightly modify the angle of their solar panels every two weeks using a telescopic rod.

According to the company’s founder, Nicolas Ditleblanc, the adjustable system can increase the electricity yield of solar panels by up to 12% over the course of a year. He also claimed that during the winter months when production is low, and household electricity consumption is high, the Zenitrack system can provide gains of 30% to 50% compared to a fixed installation.

The system can be used with any solar panel up to 1.20 meters wide and is aimed at small residential self-consumption, with one, two, or even three panels. The startup has already begun production of the first prototypes and is looking for distributors across Europe. Luciole & Basilic aims to sell the system below €170 ($186) including taxes, making it affordable for homeowners.

Source video: Muhammed Talha Altaf

Source image: Zenitrack

Source: PV magazine

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