Friday, June 21, 2024
Good News in the WorldExciting discovery unveils enormous 4th-century mosaic in Turkey!

Exciting discovery unveils enormous 4th-century mosaic in Turkey!

In a groundbreaking find, a sprawling 6,400-square-foot mosaic floor has emerged in central Anatolia within a Roman villa dating back to the fourth century A.D. The villa boasts over 30 rooms, a rarity in the region.

Can Erpeck of Nevşehir Haci Bektaş Veli University expressed amazement, noting the absence of such grand residences in central Anatolia. Greek engravings, geometric mosaics, and a Latin inscription hinting at a resident named “Hyacinthos” have added layers of intrigue. The ongoing excavation promises more revelations from this ancient marvel!

Source video: LiveScience on YouTube

Source image: 652234 / pixabay


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