Thursday, April 25, 2024
Good News in the WorldFungal innovation: nature's fireproofing solution for eco-friendly homes

Fungal innovation: nature’s fireproofing solution for eco-friendly homes

Exciting strides in eco-conscious architecture: Researchers from RMIT University, Melbourne, have unveiled a breakthrough in fireproofing – mycelium, the thread-like foundation of fungi, fashioned into fire-resistant sheets. Unlike conventional methods laden with toxins, these sheets develop a protective char layer, offering a safe and biodegradable solution for homes.

Formerly, flame retardants like asbestos raised health concerns, but this innovation promises a shift towards sustainable living. As the world seeks greener alternatives, this fungal feat signals a bright future for fireproofing, merging nature’s resilience with modern necessity.

Source video: New Scientist on YouTube

Source image: jggrz / pixabay


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