Monday, April 22, 2024
Good News in the WorldRewilding front gardens to reclaim nature

Rewilding front gardens to reclaim nature

In a heartening reversal of the trend to pave over front gardens, Positive News readers have emerged as eco-champions, transforming their outdoor spaces into vibrant havens for biodiversity. As statistics show a concerning threefold increase in paved front gardens over the past decade, these green-thumbed heroes are fighting back.

From wildflower meadows to buzzing bee-friendly hedgerows, their before-and-after snapshots reveal stunning transformations. Not only are they reinvigorating nature, but they’re also mitigating flooding risks and cooling neighborhoods. These garden enthusiasts, armed with determination and creativity, are proving that the beauty of greenery triumphs over the tyranny of tarmac.

Source video: Wild Your Garden with Joel Ashton on YouTube

Source image: JillWellington / pixabay


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