Thursday, April 25, 2024
Good News in the WorldLidl is first UK supermarket to introduce prevented ocean plastic in water...

Lidl is first UK supermarket to introduce prevented ocean plastic in water bottles

Exciting news for eco-conscious shoppers! Lidl GB has once again taken a pioneering step towards sustainability, becoming the first UK supermarket to use Prevented Ocean Plastic in its water bottles. Starting this July, their one-liter San Celestino Italian Sparkling Mineral Water bottles will contain a minimum of 30 percent Prevented Ocean Plastic, saving an impressive 100 tonnes of plastic from polluting our oceans annually.

This follows their previous success in using Prevented Ocean Plastic in food packaging and fresh produce. With their commitment to improving recyclability, Lidl is setting a positive example for the industry to follow in the fight against ocean plastic pollution.

Source video: Sotiris Danezis on YouTube

Source image: 7inchs / pixabay


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