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Good News in the WorldStudy shows seabirds successfully avoid offshore wind turbines, paving the way for...

Study shows seabirds successfully avoid offshore wind turbines, paving the way for more wind farms

Seabirds and offshore wind farms may seem like a risky combination, but a new two-year study from Swedish state wind company Vattenfall suggests otherwise. The study, conducted on an 11-turbine wind farm near Aberdeen, Scotland, found that herring gulls, gannets, kittiwakes, and great black-backed gulls were able to avoid the spinning turbines and not a single case of birdstrike was recorded.

The birds maintained a distance of 50 to 230 yards from the turbines, and the researchers used radar surveys and mounted video cameras to gather data. Henrik Skov, the study’s author, said that it was the first time any bird species had been studied this closely at an offshore wind farm, and it was a big milestone in scientists’ attempts to learn how and where to build wind turbines without interfering with birds’ flight patterns.

The results of the study could save hundreds of thousands of birds in the future, and Skov suggests that further studies are necessary to understand why these seabirds avoided the turbines.

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Source image: ELG21 / Pixabay


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