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Good News in the WorldUK butterfly numbers soar to highest levels since 2019, thanks to mixed...

UK butterfly numbers soar to highest levels since 2019, thanks to mixed summer weather

Great news for UK wildlife enthusiasts! Butterfly numbers have soared to their highest levels since 2019, according to Butterfly Conservation. Over 1.5 million butterflies and day-flying moths were spotted this summer, with the red admiral taking the lead at 248,077 sightings.

Long-term trends show some species declining, but this year’s mixed weather, with rain and sunny days, provided lush vegetation for caterpillars. The public’s engagement and participation in data collection have been fantastic, giving hope for the future of these beautiful insects. Butterfly conservationists credit the wetter weather as a significant factor in this positive trend.

Source video: A Shot Of Wildlife on YouTube

Source image: Efraimstochter / pixabay


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