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Good News in the WorldUKWales' subaquatic revolution: Unveiling the secrets of Câr-y-Môr's underwater farming marvel

Wales’ subaquatic revolution: Unveiling the secrets of Câr-y-Môr’s underwater farming marvel

Dive into Wales’ groundbreaking underwater farming revolution! Beneath the waves near St David’s, a community-owned, regenerative seafood farm, Câr-y-Môr, is transforming ocean farming.

Explore the underwater gardens where seaweed, mussels, oysters, and scallops flourish, creating a marine haven. The brainchild of software developer Francois Beyers, this initiative promises not just sustainable seafood but significant conservation benefits.

Despite regulatory hurdles, Câr-y-Môr thrives, garnering community support and a £1.1 million grant. Discover how this innovative farm plans to double its workforce, boost the Welsh seafood industry, and revolutionize agriculture with seaweed fertilizers. A journey from napkin sketches to a flourishing sea change awaits!

Source video: The Prince and Princess of Wales on YouTube

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