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Good News in the WorldUnearthing history: 4,000-year-old pyramid shatters conventions in Kazakhstan's steppes

Unearthing history: 4,000-year-old pyramid shatters conventions in Kazakhstan’s steppes

A remarkable discovery has emerged from the vast steppes of Kazakhstan—a 4,000-year-old hexagonal step pyramid, an unprecedented find in the region. Unveiling the mysteries of ancient cultures, this 500-square-meter marvel astounds archaeologists with its intricate design.

Situated in Kyrkungir near Toktamys village, the pyramid’s meticulously constructed form boasts thirteen-meter sides and captivating images of animals, particularly horses. Researchers speculate it could have been a revered hub for a horse-worshipping community, reshaping the history of steppe civilizations. As excavation continues, this enigmatic structure sheds light on the profound legacy of a people often celebrated as warriors, but whose rich heritage is still unfolding.

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