Monday, June 17, 2024
Good News in the WorldUnlocking boundless landscapes: virtual fences forge a bright future for ranching and...

Unlocking boundless landscapes: virtual fences forge a bright future for ranching and wildlife conservation

Virtual fences revolutionize ranching and conservation, uniting ranchers and wildlife. GPS-linked collars guide livestock within boundaries, ending reliance on physical fences. The old Figlenski Ranch, Washington, exemplifies success. Cattle thrive within virtual pastures, benefiting wildlife and habitat. Jay Kehne of Conservation Northwest hails the “ice cream” of innovation.

Virtual fences enable rotational grazing, wildfire prevention, and cost savings. Fences’ ecological impacts are acknowledged; virtual fences mend the divide. Scalability concerns exist, yet excitement grows among researchers and ranchers. Globally, Vence, Nofence, and others deploy collars. Fires and habitat management witness benefits. A promising future emerges—boundless landscapes where cattle and wildlife roam, enriching nature’s tapestry.

Source video: Gallagher Animal Management on YouTube

Source image: Alexas_Fotos / pixabay


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