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Inspiration25 gleaning groups make sure that wonky food, destined for waste disposal,...

25 gleaning groups make sure that wonky food, destined for waste disposal, is landing on dinner plates

Across Britain, people are coming together to salvage unpicked produce. Addressing food poverty and farm waste, it’s a timely response to the cost of living crisis – and a challenge to a ‘broken’ food system

It might be the fresh beetroot in her salads, or perhaps it’s the stress-busting microbiome in the soil beneath her fingernails – either way, Holly Whitelaw is buzzing with positive energy.

In the past six months, Whitelaw – coordinator of Cornwall Gleaning Network – has helped rescue 100 tonnes of surplus, discarded and wonky vegetables from fields and farms.

Food that would otherwise be destined for waste disposal or abandoned to rot in the ground has been gifted to food banks ….

Source video: Gleaning Cornwall Network on Youtube

Source image: pixel 2013 / pixabay

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