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Inspiration96-year-old hero saves bluebirds from extinction

96-year-old hero saves bluebirds from extinction

Al Larson, a 96-year-old Idaho man, is a true hero for bluebirds. Known as “The Bluebird Man,” Al has dedicated nearly 40 years to saving these birds.

Inspired by a National Geographic article, he began building birdhouses to provide safe nesting spaces.

His efforts have resulted in over 30,000 bluebirds thriving in southwest Idaho.

Al has built 350 birdhouses and travels over 5,000 miles each summer to monitor them.

His work has been crucial in countering the effects of habitat destruction and pesticides.

His story is celebrated in the Emmy-nominated documentary “Bluebird Man.”

Al’s dedication shows how …

Source video: Bluebird Man – A Film by Wild Lens on YouTube

Source image: Skyler Ewing / Pexels


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