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Chernobyl’s remarkable rebirth: Historic solar farm brings new life

Chernobyl, once the site of a devastating nuclear disaster in 1986, is now a symbol of hope.

This week, a new 3,800-panel solar farm began operations on the contaminated grounds. It will provide power for around 2,000 homes.

This $1.2 million project, developed by Ukraine’s Rodina and Germany’s Enerparc AG, marks the first power production in the 1,000-square-mile exclusion zone since the nuclear plant’s shutdown in 2000.

Evhen Variagin, CEO of Solar Chernobyl LLC, emphasized the project’s significance, calling it more than just a solar plant.

This initiative highlights the potential for …

Source video: Bloomberg Quicktake on YouTube

Source image: schropferoval / Pixabay


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