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InspirationNASA's Webb telescope unveils dazzling secrets of Milky Way's heart

NASA’s Webb telescope unveils dazzling secrets of Milky Way’s heart

In a dazzling display of cosmic beauty, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope unveils unprecedented details of the Milky Way’s bustling heart. The image showcases Sagittarius C, a star-forming region 300 light-years from the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*.

Illuminated by an estimated 500,000 stars, including enigmatic protostars, the galactic center offers a celestial spectacle. Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera exposes intricate features, like ionized hydrogen clouds with needle-like structures. Student researcher Samuel Crowe expresses excitement about the wealth of data, emphasizing Webb’s capacity to revolutionize our understanding of star formation in this dynamic cosmic crucible.

Source video: 7EVEN on YouTube

Source image: WikiImages / pixabay

Source: nasa.gov

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