Friday, June 21, 2024
Success StoriesRendlesham's ancient marvels: 1,400-year-old temple unveiled in Suffolk's royal discovery

Rendlesham’s ancient marvels: 1,400-year-old temple unveiled in Suffolk’s royal discovery

A sensational discovery at Rendlesham, Suffolk, unveils a 1,400-year-old temple, possibly pre-Christian, shedding light on East Anglian Kings’ rich history. Led by UCL researchers, the Rendlesham Revealed project exposes a royal settlement twice the expected size, surrounded by a massive perimeter ditch.

The findings include a unique temple or cult house, evidence of metalworking, and expanded structures. This breakthrough, following a three-year excavation, transforms our understanding of 5th-8th century England. The project’s success, involving over 600 volunteers, underscores Rendlesham’s international archaeological significance, with provisional results expected in 2024.

Source video: SCC Archaeology on YouTube

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