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Good News in the WorldRemarkable rediscovery: extinct oaks flourish anew, sparking conservation triumph

Remarkable rediscovery: extinct oaks flourish anew, sparking conservation triumph

In an exhilarating expedition, Eason and his dedicated team have made an extraordinary discovery that rekindles hope for the natural world. Along the slopes of Boot Canyon, they unearthed two supposedly extinct oaks. Grafting branches onto oak rootstock at San Antonio Botanical Garden, the team achieved the impossible.

“It’s a pinnacle moment in my career,” Eason beamed, his emotion palpable. To everyone’s astonishment, more individuals emerged on privately-owned ranches nearby. Now, Eason nurtures these precious oaks in his greenhouse, dispatching seedlings to botanic gardens nationwide, championing the resurgence of a species once thought lost.

Source video: ANI News Official on YouTube

Source image: janeb13 / pixabay


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