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Good News in the WorldRevolutionary brain implants enable paralyzed man to walk again

Revolutionary brain implants enable paralyzed man to walk again

In a breakthrough that has transformed his life, a paralyzed man has achieved the unimaginable: walking again through the power of his thoughts. Gert-Jan Oskam, a 40-year-old Dutch man, suffered a devastating cycling accident 12 years ago that left him paralyzed.

However, thanks to cutting-edge electronic brain implants, his thoughts now wirelessly communicate with his legs and feet through a spinal implant. While still in the experimental phase, this incredible feat has received high praise from a leading UK spinal charity. Gert-Jan describes the experience as a joyous rebirth, allowing him to stand, climb stairs, and embrace the simple pleasures of life.

Source video: ABC7 News Bay Area on YouTube

Source image: geralt / pixabay


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