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Good News in the WorldUk's decarbonization goals given boost as rooftops and car parks offer surprising...

Uk’s decarbonization goals given boost as rooftops and car parks offer surprising solar solution

Exciting news has emerged in the UK’s pursuit of a decarbonized power grid. A groundbreaking study commissioned by countryside charity CPRE has revealed that over 50% of the solar panels required to meet the government’s net zero targets can be conveniently installed on rooftops and car parks.

This revelation paves the way for a more streamlined and efficient approach to achieving grid decarbonization, utilizing existing structures and urban spaces. The report emphasizes the need for a national rooftop solar target and urges the government to make solar panel installation mandatory in new buildings. With ample solar capacity in urban areas, the future looks bright for renewable energy generation in the UK.

Source video: Kalkine Media on YouTube

Source image: jatsbe / pixabay


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