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Good News in the WorldRevolutionary 'liquid trees' bring hope for green urban future, combating pollution and...

Revolutionary ‘liquid trees’ bring hope for green urban future, combating pollution and boosting oxygen levels

In a bustling world where green spaces are a luxury, urban dwellers may soon find solace in a remarkable innovation: microalgae liquid trees. Enter Liquid 3, a visionary Serbian project that aims to transform cityscapes into thriving oases.

Developed by the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research at the University of Belgrade, these urban photo-bioreactors possess the power to absorb carbon and cleanse the air we breathe. By infusing water with microalgae, these liquid trees become veritable superheroes, binding carbon dioxide with unrivaled efficiency. With each reactor boasting the carbon-absorbing capacity of two ten-year-old trees, a breath of fresh air is just around the corner.

Source video: Zoomin TV on YouTube

Source image: 41330 / pixabay


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