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Rolls-Royce tests jet engine powered by hydrogen fuel in a step towards more sustainable aviation

Rolls-Royce is conducting tests on a jet engine that is powered by hydrogen, a move that could bring about significant changes in the aviation industry. The tests are being carried out on a conventional engine that is used in regional aeroplanes, but it is the fuel being used that is unusual. The aim of the test is to demonstrate that it is possible to run a jet engine on hydrogen and control it.

Hydrogen power is being touted as a major contributor to reducing climate change emissions and allowing the aviation industry to continue to grow sustainably. The tests have been supported by easyJet, which believes that hydrogen power is the best solution for reducing emissions from short-haul aviation. While hydrogen aviation is still in the early stages of development, the promising results of the tests could lead to a future where the aviation industry becomes much more environmentally friendly.

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Source image: Rolls-Royce

Source: BBC

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