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Good News in the WorldUK's 'Hollow mountain' expansion to propel net zero goals with giant water...

UK’s ‘Hollow mountain’ expansion to propel net zero goals with giant water battery

Scotland’s push towards net zero receives a powerful boost with the approval of a groundbreaking £500 million expansion project at the iconic ‘Hollow Mountain.’ Drax’s underground hydro power station, nestled within Ben Cruachan, will become the country’s first new pumped storage hydro plant in a generation, doubling its generating capacity.

The innovative water battery system utilizes two reservoirs at different heights, storing energy when turbines pump water uphill and releasing it to generate hydroelectric power when needed. With continued support from the state, this eco-friendly endeavor will ensure energy security, economic growth, and lead Scotland towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Source video: GE Renewable Energy on YouTube

Source image: Wikimedia / free-images


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