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Afuá: Amazon’s car-free gem leading the way to Net Zero

In Afuá, Brazil, a unique town in the Amazon, cars are banned, making it a haven for cyclists.

This town of 38,000, built on stilts above floodplains, embraced a car-free lifestyle in 2002.

Mayor Odimar Wanderley Salomão, affectionately known as Mazinho, swapped a government-offered tractor for a riverboat, reinforcing the town’s eco-friendly stance.

With one bicycle per resident, Afuá showcases a green alternative to urban sprawl.

Despite isolation and challenges like limited utilities, Afuá thrives on community spirit and sustainable living.

As the world faces climate change, Afuá stands as a beacon of …

Source video: De Miami a Bogotá on YouTube

Source image: SarahNic / Pixabay


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