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GlobalOtherUnveiling the Enigma: Lost Cézanne mural found in artist's childhood haven

Unveiling the Enigma: Lost Cézanne mural found in artist’s childhood haven

In the heart of Aix-en-Provence lies a secret waiting to be unveiled. Beneath layers of time, a hidden masterpiece by Paul Cézanne emerges from obscurity, discovered within the walls of his childhood sanctuary.

Titled “Entrée du port,” this newfound treasure paints a vivid narrative of ships, fluttering pennants, and distant horizons. But what secrets does it hold? Unravel the mysteries as we delve into Cézanne’s world, where each stroke whispers tales of artistic evolution.

Join us on an expedition through history, where a single mural transcends time, enriching the legacy of a city and the spirit of its iconic ambassador.

Source video: Artmajeur on YouTube



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