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Good News in the WorldEuropeThe EU mandates single charging ports for phones

The EU mandates single charging ports for phones

The EU said it would reduce e-waste and save people money as they will no longer need to change chargers every time they switch phones.

Under the regulation, which will take effect in more than two years, brands must ensure that all their small and medium-sized devices, including phones, tablets and cameras, are compatible with the standard charging connector USB Type-C.

Apple may be hardest hit by the order, as the global tech giant has proprietary “Lightning” charging points and cables for iPhones, unlike other brands that already have USB Type-C charging ports for phones. is its biggest revenue generator. However, according to some analysts, Apple may have …

Source video: TLDR News EU on Youtube

Source image: Tomwsulcer / Wikimedia

Source text: Reuters

Original title: EU agrees single mobile charging port in blow to Apple

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