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Bionic hand breakthrough: Restoring full finger control for amputees

In a groundbreaking achievement, scientists and surgeons have unveiled a revolutionary bionic hand that empowers amputees to effortlessly control each finger, as if it were a natural part of their body. Pioneering the way is 52-year-old Tonney from Sweden, who, despite losing his arm above the elbow in a workshop accident, now wields his bionic arm with grace, deftly using tools and pouring water.

Lead researcher, Professor Max Ortiz Catalan, described this as a historic moment, marking the first-ever instance of above-the-elbow amputation patients regaining full finger control. This innovation promises hope for over 60 million amputees worldwide. Excitingly, clinical trials are underway, offering a promising glimpse into a brighter future for amputees.

Source video: COVVI on YouTube

Source image: cottonbro studio / pexels


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