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Good News in the WorldGlobalAI unlocks 2,000-year-old mystery: Deciphering the Herculaneum scrolls

AI unlocks 2,000-year-old mystery: Deciphering the Herculaneum scrolls

After two millennia, the secrets of the Herculaneum Scrolls have been unveiled, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Scientists employed cutting-edge technology, including a particle accelerator, to scan the delicate, charred scrolls without unrolling them.

The remarkable breakthrough revealed the word ‘πορφύραc,’ meaning purple dye or clothes of purple. Luke Farritor and Youssef Nader independently cracked the code, winning cash prizes for their efforts. This incredible discovery marks a significant milestone in the quest to unlock the ancient wisdom preserved in these fragile manuscripts, offering a glimpse into the past like never before.

Source video: FOX 56 News on YouTube

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