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Good News in the WorldRenewable energy on track to surpass coal and gas, becoming the leading...

Renewable energy on track to surpass coal and gas, becoming the leading global electricity source by 2025

In a game-changing development, renewable energy is set to become the world’s primary source of electricity by 2025. This marks a significant tipping point in the energy sector, as it’s poised to overtake coal and gas for the first time ever. The news comes as a result of a new report from the International Energy Agency, which predicts that solar, wind, and hydropower will account for 60% of the world’s new power capacity over the next five years.

This shift towards renewable energy is being driven by several factors, including falling costs, technological advancements, and growing concerns about climate change. With renewable energy becoming increasingly competitive, it’s no longer just a moral choice, but also an economic one. As a result, governments, businesses, and individuals around the world are investing heavily in renewable energy, accelerating its growth.

The benefits of this transition to renewable energy are far-reaching. Not only will it help to mitigate the impacts of climate change, but it will also create new jobs, improve energy security, and reduce air pollution. Furthermore, it will help to address global energy poverty, as renewable energy is often more accessible and affordable than traditional sources of energy.

Overall, this news is cause for celebration and provides a glimmer of hope in the fight against climate change. It shows that it’s possible to transition to a more sustainable and equitable energy system, and that the future is looking bright for renewable energy.

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Source: Euronews – Green

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