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Good News in the WorldResilience and unity shine: Yemen's free gymnastics club offers hope amidst adversity

Resilience and unity shine: Yemen’s free gymnastics club offers hope amidst adversity

Amidst war-torn Yemen’s turmoil, a ray of positivity emerges through a free daily Swedish Gymnastics club. Founded by retiree Najy Abu Hatem and Abdullah Al-Qaidani in 2017, “Best Team” provides camaraderie and physical exercise to alleviate mental stress.

Members of all ages gather at dawn in Sanaa’s al-Thawra Park, casting aside war’s burdens for an hour of invigorating routines. Despite Yemen’s dire mental health crisis, with only 304 mental health workers for 33 million people, Best Team’s growth to 1,500 members across 17 branches symbolizes unity and resilience, while underscoring the need for similar support for women.

Source video: Trans World Sport on YouTube

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