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Good News in the WorldEuropeGalloping to the rescue: Spain's wild horses join the fight against wildfires

Galloping to the rescue: Spain’s wild horses join the fight against wildfires

In a remarkable move to combat wildfires in the Iberian Highlands, Spain has enlisted an unexpected ally: free-roaming horses. Rewilding Spain, a conservation organization, introduced a herd of 10 endangered Przewalski’s horses to the region. These majestic creatures, known as the world’s last wild horses, will roam over 5,700 hectares of public forest, curbing the spread of combustible vegetation and slowing down wildfires. Not only will this initiative enhance biodiversity, benefiting vultures and Iberian lynx, but it also mirrors successful efforts in other parts of the world. With their positive impact on fire-prone landscapes, these resilient horses offer hope for a safer, greener future.

Source video: The Weather Channel on YouTube

Source image: WolfBlur / pixabay


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