Friday, June 21, 2024
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Setting sail into a greener future: MAERSK’s pioneering methanol-powered container ship marks a milestone in sustainable shipping

Exciting horizons for sustainable shipping as Maersk, the industry leader, unveils its groundbreaking vessel powered by green methanol, a game-changing fuel derived from food waste methane. This 172-meter marvel, set to embark on its maiden voyage from South Korea to Denmark, symbolizes a triumphant step towards reducing maritime carbon emissions.

Boasting a capacious 2,100 TEU container capacity and a swift 17.4 knots pace, this revolutionary ship heralds a cleaner era for shipping. With 25 more ships in the pipeline and a visionary goal to transform a quarter of its fleet, Maersk propels us towards a greener maritime future.

Source video: Maersk on YouTube

Source image: Thomas_G / pixabay


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